Howler Challenges

The Howler ethos is Team Work, Team spirit and Camaraderie… and to quote Rudyard Kipling,

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack and the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf“.  


Team Howler have created a “Character Building” Day that involves a day of mental and physical challenges out in the fresh air!


How we operate?

The Howler is run by Ex British Military and by adopting Military Team Building methods we will ensure the group will have a fun but challenging day.  We will expose team leaders, we will enhance team work and trust and we will empower the group with self confidence and self belief within each member!

How does it work?

Each challenge day will change to suit number of attendance, however, we will aim to split the group into two teams.  After a theory lesson in Map and Compass skills, we will test the theory in practice as a group.  We will then set a challenge (dependant on group). Within that we will set smaller challenges to over come throughout the day and all the while, it will be against the opposing team.

Why Map and Compass?

Not only is knowing how to work a map and compass a life saving skill to have, it is also a very effective method of bringing a group of people together to complete a task whilst covering ground and dealing with “fast ball” tasks within it!


Team Howler will set initial rules at the start of the day with exercise based blanket penalties is broken.  For example. “No Hands on Hips” Rule.  Should a member of the team be caught with hands on hips, the whole team will be rewarded 5 Push Ups!  You will be surprised how fast Team Bonding works with our Howler Rule Book!

Do you think you could benefit from a day with us?  Why not contact us to talk about what you require at

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