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Tony Harris

Tony Harris

Tony has a background of complete adventure, accomplished fell runner, running countless ultras.

Not only has Tony ran the Howlers 3 Towers Ultra and West Pennines Double Marathon, twice… He is also one of our Alphas on the Howling Trail Chase. In Nov 2017 he caught 8 runners!

Team Howler are super excited to welcome him. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him and we are looking forward having him as part of the team!

“My progression into ultra-running has come from 30 years of loving the outdoors. From technical diving, to winter climbing. From overseas adventures to home grown challenges. I was a mountaineer and winter climber before getting into running. With various trips to the Alps, Dolomites, Tatras to the Arctic and South America.

I started my ‘running career’ on some of the long distance adventure races. 5 days non-stop, 600km +19500m of accent. A mixture of running/mt biking/kayaking (and a lot of sleep deprivation) – as well as the odd abseil thrown in for good measure! I then decided after too many saddle sores that I wanted to concentrate just on the running. So 50+ Ultras later, here I am still chasing people around various parts of the UK and further afield.

I still love just picking a part of Europe – buying some maps.. researching the area.. then just heading over there with a bag full of kit to make an adventure and a memory – be it running, mountaineering or climbing. But I also love just as much just getting out locally or to the Lakes for a run over the fells.

Dave Beales

Dave Beales

Howler Ambassador, Dave has just won the Howlers 2018 West Pennines Double Marathon Challenge, successfully defending his crown from his 2017 win! 

We are absolutely buzzing to have Dave on board as a part of Team Howler… Not only is he experienced in ultra fell running, he brings navigation experience with him too.  

“I’ve always enjoyed running and adventures in the fells – the West Pennines are on my doorstep and I’ve been frequenting the Lake District since I was a kid. Things moved up a notch when I did the Manchester Marathon in 2012 as a charity challenge (3 stone heavier than I am now!).  I’ve wanted to go further or push for a new challenge every year since.

I figured nobody would sponsor me as much if I didn’t push myself further and have raised over £7.5K for charities so far. I was always “a completer not a competer” – the challenge of getting round within the cut-offs and fundraising was the main draw, until a new-found level of fitness and weight-loss made me realise I could start thinking about pushing on towards the pointy end of races. 

  • 2012 – First marathon – (Entered a marathon as my first ever proper race. Weirdly I still haven’t entered a proper half marathon)
  • 2013 – First ultra – Lakes 10 Peaks short course (30 miles)
  • 2014 – First 50 miler – Lakeland 50, also did 10 Peaks Lakes long course (45 miles)
  • 2015 – First 100 miler – Lakeland 100,

also completed:

  • The Fellsman (61miles), The Wall (69 miles), Ring o’Fire (135 mile 3 day event)
  • 2016 – First Ironman 140.6 mile triathlon – wanted a different challenge so learned how to road bike and swim and did full distance Ironman (was only my 3rd triathlon).
  • 2017 – The extra training and weight-loss from Ironman really improved my running and I started focusing on improving my PBs. The challenge that year was to run every day which I completed on 2,367 miles, with 238,891ft ascent, averaging 6.5 miles a day – including West Pennines Double Marathon, Derwentwater Dawdle, Manchester Marathon, Lakeland 100, 3 Towers Ultra and chasing on the Howler Trail Chase.
  • I finished 1st out of the 2017 Howlers Double marathoners both days (Finished ahead of all but one of the single marathoners on the Sunday). 
  • 2018 winning day 1 and doing enough in day 2 to earn him the overall win for the Double Marathon Challenge. 
  • I Caught 15 omegas at the 2017 Howling Trail Chase and 2018 – Currently looking to speed up on road times from 5K up to Marathon. Eager to break sub-3hr marathon but get too distracted by slower longer hillier trails.
  • Recently won the Howlers 2018 Inaugural Punisher Ultra, crossing the line at 10hrs. 
Jamie Hardman

Jamie Hardman

Jamie started his trail running adventure with Howler, taking on the Jackals Run 3 yrs ago!  Since then, Jamie has ran both years of our 3 Towers Ultra AND taken on our West Pennines Double Marathon Challenge twice, moreover, he has recently successfully completed the Bob Graham Round! 

Now a part of Team Howler, we are super excited to have him on board as well as support him on his next challenge to run the Paddy Buckley Round.  On asking him what he really wants to achieve in his trail running years ahead, he simply said, “To be in front of Tony Harris, Just once”! 

Amy Freeman

Amy Freeman

Team Howler Welcomes one of the Darwen Dashers finest, Amy Freeman to the Team Howler Ambassador Team! No strneger to the fells of the west pennines, she has also ran some of the UK’s toughest trails! Check out her bio below!

“I got into running in a convoluted way through circus skills. A teenage obsession with juggling led me to slacklining, and through slacklining I met climbers who got me out on rock and a lot of those climbers were runners, so before I knew it I was out on the fells and loving it!

Whilst I still love to climb, slackline and juggle, running off road has become my passion and in the six years since I first laced up my fell shoes, I haven’t looked back!

My first ultra was the Peak Trails Intro Ultra in 2014, and since then I’ve run about 20 ultras including the Lakeland 100, with podium finishes at the Tiree Ultra, Ennerdale Trail 50k, Pennine Barrier 50, Haworth Hobble and both of the Three Towers Ultras.

I also love running shorter fell races across Lancashire, the Lakes and the Pennines and training on the stunning West Pennine Moors, on my doorstep here in Darwen.

The draw of ultra running for me is the thrill of taking on something big, of not knowing the outcome or how far you can push yourself until you’re there in the moment, of moving yourself through challenging and beautiful terrain and the fact that it’s simply you versus the landscape, the distance and your own reserves of inner strength. (Despite that dramatic sentence, it’s also great fun”.

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